Bicester’s Community fridge has a new temporary home

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Bicester Town Council has stepped in to give the town’s Community Fridge project a temporary new home.

Organisers of the Bicester Community Fridge ­- which consists of a fridge and cupboards – put out an appeal for a temporary home whilst repair work is undertaken at its usual base at Bicester Wellbeing Centre, in Launton Road.

After receiving a call last Monday, the town council sprang into action and was able to make all the arrangements and help transport most of the Community Fridge’s equipment to its new home within four days.

The Community Fridge project will be based near Garth House, in a barrier store area, in Garth Park, off Launton Road, for at least three weeks, and is open Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately there is no electricity to supply the fridge, but most produce will still be available.

The Community Fridge was set up to cut food waste and is open to everyone in the community. It receives unsold, mainly perishable food such as vegetables and salad items, from supermarkets, distributors and donations from individuals and distributes it free to the community.

Mayor Cllr Jason Slaymaker said: “Bicester Town Council is delighted to offer a temporary home to the community fridge.This is a fantastic project that not only helps reduce food waste but is of great benefit to the community.

“We recognise the Community Fridge is a particularly important asset at this current time as the global coronavirus pandemic is having a financial impact on people. We felt it was important that this service was not lost to the town.”

There is no cost to the council apart from officer time and the use of a vehicle to transport equipment.

Anyone using the Community Fridge is being advised to park respectfully within the Garth Park, not on double yellow lines.

Community Fridges are part of a campaign by environmental charity Hubbub, which opened its first community fridge in 2016. Each year these local initiatives help redistribute 975 tonnes of food. They are open to everyone and have become a lifeline to struggling families.

To find out more search Bicester Community Fridge on Facebook.

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