Flu vaccine: Parents urged to have their children vaccinated against flu

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Parents in Oxfordshire are being urged to have their young children vaccinated against the flu this winter.
Children aged two and three can have a free, quick and painless NHS nasal spray vaccine at their GP surgery.

In addition, children in primary school and those in year 7 can have the nasal spray vaccine via the school nurse service.

Dr Ed Capo-Bianco, Urgent Care lead at Oxfordshire CCG, said; “Flu can be serious for young children, so help protect them from the illness with one simple nasal spray. It is free, fast and painless. Children are also super-spreaders of the flu; by vaccinating them we can reduce the risk of transmission to frail older people and those in ‘at risk’ groups.”

Emma Leaver, Oxford Health Service Director, said: “Protection against flu is one of the best things you can do this winter to help keep your child healthy and I would urge parents of young children to take up the free offer. It’s a pain-free nasal spray that is administered easily to young children, so no injections.

“Oxford Health is playing a leading role in protecting older children and, at the moment, we are carrying out 68,000 flu immunisations in schools over a 10 week period. Be sure to fill in the online consent forms so your children can receive the immunisation they need.”

“I also urge parents or carers to give consent for their child to have the nasal spray flu vaccine if they are attending primary school.”

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