Recycle Week celebrated at local nursery

Recycle Week 2020 - Heyford
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Local day nursery, The Old Station Nursery Heyford, participated in Recycle Week 2020 from the 21st – 27th September.
Now in its 17th year, Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling and this year’s theme is ‘Together – We Recycle’. Recycle Week gives the nursery, which offers care for children aged 0-5 years old, the perfect opportunity to highlight to the children, through fun, interactive activities, the benefits of recycling and the impact they can have on preserving our planet.
This week, the children at The Old Station Nursery Heyford participated in a number of activities themed around recycling. This included making a space rocket and a robot from recycled materials. This involved a lot of cutting, gluing and painting which in turn also helped develop the children’s fine motor skills.
Jan Thorp, Nursery Manager at The Old Station Nursery Heyford, said: “At The Old Station Nursery Heyford, we take recycling very seriously and talk to the children about the need to recycle, every day. The children learn about recycling and the need to do it through fun activities which we hope will make recycling second nature for them as they continue to grow.”
The nursery in Heyford is part of The Old Station Nursery Group which comprises of 19 nurseries around the country. The group has a long-standing commitment to recycling and helping even their youngest children understand its importance. From the group, 14 nurseries participated in Recycle Week.

For further information about The Old Station Nursery Heyford, call 01869 233 268, email or visit

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